ATG in 2021

Update from our Chairman Jeremy Nicholls, February 2021 

I'd love to be able to tell you that rehearsals for the March production are coming on well, but we all know that's sadly impossible. However, we do appear to be reaching a point where the Creative Arts, devastated as they have been by Coronavirus, can start to make a plan about how they might return. And I am very hopeful that as restrictions are lifted, it is to the galleries, music venues and, yes, theatres that people will rush to return. A year is an awfully long time to be deprived of the cultural experiences that we now realise more than ever are so fundamental to the human experience. I think a huge number of people have learnt that it is those things that are not essential for survival which are nevertheless essential for a Life.

Whilst we at ATG have been able to ride out the storm - we have not had some of the more existential concerns as to whether the group can survive or not - it will, of course, be a challenging route back to normal. We will need to plan thoughtfully and carefully about how to protect our audiences and our production teams and casts. There may be a premium to pay for some time for putting on a production safely. But I can confidently say we will find our way through that - in fact, look forward to the challenge!

I hope you will join me, because the one thing ATG will need, in common with other arts, theatre and community groups, is SUPPORT. The good news is that nothing has changed about how you can support us. If you're a regular audience member, all I ask is that you return to our shows when you can. If you've been on stage with us, think about how much fun it will be - after the last year - to get back on stage and put a show on again. Show up to the auditions and get involved. If you've had the pleasure of building a set and you know the satisfaction of seeing it completed, come back and join us building the next one.

There will be plenty to do, and all we need is your support so that, in Warlingham at least, one community theatre group can return to its pre-Covid glory. I hope you've missed ATG as much as I have. We've missed you too and I can't wait to see you all again soon.

I hope you are safe and well wherever you are and send all my best wishes until we can meet up again.

Stay safe, be kind, and take care.

Article posted 20th February 2021