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November/December 2018 Production - Auditions

Prepare to Meet Thy Tomb

Auditions - Tuesday 14th & Thursday 16th August

ATG's November/December 2018 production will be Prepare to Meet Thy Tomb by Norman Robbins, to be directed by Gee Rook. This is the third in the Tomb trilogy by Norman Robbins. ATG performed Tiptoe Through the Tombstones in 2002 and A Tomb With A View in 2011, both were thoroughly enjoyed by cast and audience alike so we have been itching to perform the final play in the series.


Tuesday 14th & Thursday 16th August at 8pm at the Hut.

You only need to come to one of the above not both, but you're welcome to come to both if you'd like to. The audition itself will be fairly informal. You'll be asked to read for our director Gee and the other members of our casting committee and then it's off to the pub! 

The Play

We will be performing Prepare to Meet Thy Tomb by Norman Robbins.

As night falls and fog descends on Monument House Hotel and Alternative Health Spa, Hecuba Tomb and her niece Drusilla receive a series of unexpected visitors. Novelist Philippa and her assistant Daphne are seeking refuge from a mysterious follower they fear may be the notorious "Norfolk Strangler". Hot on their heels come TV historian Quentin Danesworth and honeymooners Robert and Miranda. The uninvited guests are soon snooping around the secret passages of the creepy old mansion and asking too many questions for comfort...


Drusilla Tomb - Female, 19ish, pale, cardigan-wearer
Hecuba Tomb - Female, Drusilla's aunt, 60s, fussy, floral
Sir Beverley Comstock - Male, 60s, agressive
Phillipa Collins - Female, Novellist, 40s, bossy, gushing
Daphne Summers - Female, Phillipa's assistant, late 50s, nervous
Anthony Strickland - Male, late 20s, timid
Quentin Danesworth - Male, flamboyant, effeminate, late 60s
Robert Sandbrooke - Male, vacuous, honeymooner, late 30s
Miranda Torrence - Female, Robert's new bride, early 40s
Cecily Venner - late 30s, smart, hard-faced solicitor

Want a backstage role?

If you want to get involved in Prepare to Meet Thy Tomb in an off-stage role then it's never too early to get in touch. Please contact our Production Officer Christine Woodhead.

The performances and other important dates

You'll need to be able to make all of the dates below to audition:

Saturday 10th November - set build
Sunday 18th November - tech and dress rehearsals - all day
Tuesday 20th November - final dress rehearsal
Thursday 22nd November - performance
Friday 23rd November - performance
Saturday 24th November - performance
Tuesday 27th November - mid-run rehearsal
Thursday 29th November - performance
Friday 30th November - performance
Saturday 1st December - performance
Sunday 2nd December - set strike

Rehearsals will take place on Tuesday and Thursday nights at the Hut at 8pm with some Sunday rehearsals to be arranged nearer the time. We also hold set building and painting at the hut on Saturdays and cast and crew are expected to help out with this.

If you have any questions you can contact any member of the committee.

We look forward to seeing you at auditions.


Article posted 14th July 2018.
Updated 31st July 2018.