Save Our Hut

Information on ATG's Save Our Hut campaign and fundraising



Background on 'The Hut'

ATG have used our beloved Hut for rehearsals and scenery storage since 1984 when it was gifted to us by the Hamsey Green Guide Company. It is at the heart of ATG and has seen rehearsals for well over 100 shows, and countless play readings, auditions and social events. While rehearsals tend to happen here on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons, Saturdays at the Hut are all about set building. We store all of our flats and set pieces here, and on Saturdays there is a flurry of painting, sanding, wall-papering, building, carpentry and more. In this way, we tend to builld the set around ourselves while we're rehearsing, and cast members will usually find that where there was a blank space one week, there is a fully functioning patio door the next!

Costumes and props are also stored here so if you wander up on a Saturday, in addition to finding a buzz of set activity going on in the back room, you may also find in the green room a couple of sewing machines going, some partially dressed cast members being measured, and a ladder up to the loft, where someone is searching out the perfect side table and decanters needed on stage.

We perform at Warlingham Church Hall so the week before the performances we dismantle everything we've created at the Hut and transport it to the Hall where we build it all again and add set dressing, curtains, fireplaces, picture frames, furniture and props ready for final dress rehearsals and performances. The morning after the final performance we take it all back to the Hut for next time.

The current situation

The Hut is pretty old now and, although we've fixed and maintained it many times over the years it has, unfortunately, reached the point in recent years that we need professional help to bring it back to a safe and fully functional standard. Most urgent on the list is a new roof, and when we have that sorted out we will need to replace parts of the floor. There is also decorating and electrical work to be done as a result of rain damage. Sadly, the Hut has now reached the stage that we can no longer use it for rehearsals, so we are having to pay to hire rehearsal space.

Fundraising so far

Regular supporters may remember that we began fundraising for Save Our Hut before the covid pandemic with quiz nights, a Just Giving page and buckets at our performances. Through these efforts and some very generous donations we have been able to raise half the money needed to replace our roof. As a result of our members' and supporters' generosity, works to replace half of the Hut's roof will began in late summer 2023. We now need to continue to fundraise to replace the other half of the roof and complete the necessary internal works to the floor and walls.

The Hut is such an important part of ATG and we all hold an affection for the place, even though it's freezing in winter, boiling in summer and has it's very own distinct hutty odour! It 's been the scene of many a cup of tea and a catch up with friends over the past 40 years and we'd dearly love to see it returned to it's former glory.

How to help

For ways to help with ATG's Save Our Hut fund please keep an eye on our homepage for upcoming fundraising events and ways to donate. And, of course, supporting our productions by buying tickets, having a go at the raffle and joining our group to help with all the things we need to do to keep a drama group going are all incredibly helpful and appreciated. Plus, we're a sociable bunch, we'd love you to join us!