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May 2019 Production - Auditions

Pirate Radio

Auditions - Tuesday 5th & Thursday 7th February

We're going to be performing another debut this May - Pirate Radio by our very own Christine Woodhead. Here's the info you need to get involved:


Tuesday 5th & Thursday 7th February at 8pm at the Hall

Please note: we'll be auditioning in the Green Room at Warlingham Church Hall. Please enter via the alley to the side of the Hall and use the backstage door.

You only need to come to one of the above not both, but you're welcome to come to both if you'd like to. The audition itself will be fairly informal. You'll be asked to read for our director Christine and the other members of our casting committee and then it's off to the pub! 

The Play

We will be performing Pirate Radio by Christine Woodhead.


The Tandridge & Warlingham Amateur Dramatic Society are about to perform their latest play, a radio drama to be broadcast live from Warlingham Church Hall. ‘High Winds In Torguga’ is a stirring tale of romance and adventure, of pirates and lost treasure, set on the high seas in the 18th century. However, it is not all plain sailing as the group have to overcome missing cast members, dodgy electrics and unpredictable sound effects; as well as the usual in-fighting and hysterics that come with many an amateur production. Will our jolly crew of actors steer a straight course and finish their journey with their dignity and the good reputation of the group in tact?

Want a backstage role?

If you want to get involved in Pirate Radio in an off-stage role then it's never too early to get in touch. Please contact our Committee Production Officer Christine Woodhead or any member of the Committee.

The performances and other important dates

You'll need to be able to make all of the dates below to audition:
Saturday 27th April - set build day
Sunday 28th April - dress and tech
Tuesday 30th April - dress rehearsal
Thursday 2nd May - performance
Friday 3rd May - performance
Saturday 4th May - performance
Sunday 5th May - set strike

If you have any questions you can contact Christine or any member of the committee.

We look forward to seeing you at auditions.


Article posted 1st February 2019.