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June 2020 Production - Auditions

(Re)Auditions for Happy Birthday

Tuesday 11th & Thursday 13th February 2020

We have new audition dates for our June production! We will be performing Happy Birthday by Mark Camoletti, directed by Peter Reed. Read on below to find out more.


Tuesday 11th & Thursday 13th February at 8pm at the Hut.

You only need to come to one of the above not both, but you're welcome to come to both if you'd like to. The audition itself will be fairly informal. You'll be asked to read for our director Peter and the other members of our casting committee and then it's off to the pub! If you previously auditioned for Happy Birthday at our first auditions in January I'm afraid we will need to see you audition again. This is because now that we have moved the production to June we have a new casting committee and want to ensure everyone is seen and has a fair chance.

The Play

We will be performing Happy Birthday by Mark Camoletti.


Mayhem and laughter ensue when a philandering husband foolishly asks his mistress to his home on her birthday, despite the fact his wife, best friend and the maid will also be present. Frantic complications, in which identities, plots and counter plots and bedrooms are exchanged with ever increasing confusion, continue until an unexpected ending brings everything to a happy conclusion.

Character details

There are 5 characters; 2 male and 3 female - the husband, his wife, his mistress, his best friend, the maid.

Want a backstage role?
If you want to get involved in Happy Birthday in an off-stage role then it's never too early to get in touch. Please contact our Production Officer Ellie Driscoll.

The performances and other important dates

You'll need to be able to make all of the dates below to audition:

Sunday 21st June - pre-dress & tech - all day
Tuesday 23rd June - Dress rehearsal 8pm
Thursday 25th June - Performance 8pm
Friday 26th June - Performance 8pm
Saturday 27th June - Performance 8pm
Sunday 28th June - Set strike 10am

If you have any questions you can contact Christine or any member of the committee.

We look forward to seeing you at auditions.


Article posted 3rd February 2020.